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SpeakingYour-Childs-Love-Language1smmmby MICHELLE CAVALERI, LCSW-R,
Wedding Officiant in all 50 US States and Certified NYS Divorce Mediator

We are on week three of the series of speaking your child’s love language!
By the end of the series, hopefully, you should be able to identify what language your child speaks!
• Instead of spending time with your child after your errands, include them in your daily activities such as laundry, grocery shopping, or washing dishes.
• Give older children single-use cameras to record meaningful occasions.
• When a younger child is showing you something, crouch down to their eye level, or gather them into your arms.
• Have your child tell you about places they would like to go and why. Then surprise them occasionally by letting them choose one or arranging it for them ahead of time.
• Make a snack for yourself when you make one for your child. Then sit down and talk about their day together as you eat.
• If you have more than one child, arrange for care of the others and take your child out to a quick breakfast before school or a hot chocolate on the weekend at the local donut shop.
• Surprise your child with tickets or a trip to a special place, building lifelong memories.
• If possible, bring your child to work one day. Introduce your child to your co-workers and then go to lunch.
• Create “traditions” with your child of a certain place you regularly go.
• Share more meals together. Even in this busy day and age, family time is bonding time.
• Spend a few extra minutes putting your child to bed at night. Bedtime stories, talking about their day, or praying together can be part of your daily routine.
• For older children, spend time doing homework together. This both improves their grades and creates additional quality time.
• Instead of television, focus on art projects you can do together.
• Focus family vacations to include significant time being together versus a trip focused on divided parent and child activities.
For those children who crave time with their parents, a parent’s gift of focused attention is an essential element in ensuring that they feel loved. When you spend time with your children, you are creating memories that will last a lifetime. You want your children to be blessed by the memories they carry from the years they spend in your home. They will have healthy and uplifting memories when their emotional tanks are kept full.
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