Lee Zeldin Vies for 2nd Term in Congress Challenged by Anna Throne-Holst

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When residents in the First Congressional District head to the polls on November 8, they will be asked to elect the congressional candidate they feel will best represent them in Washington. First-term Incumbent Congressman Lee Zeldin is being challenged by Anna Throne-Holst. Zeldin will appear on the Republican, Conservative, Independence and Reform Party lines of the ballot. Throne-Holst will appear on the Democrat, Working Families and Women’s Equality Party lines of the ballot. Throne-Holst previously served as Supervisor of the Town of Southampton.
Zeldin, a Major in the Army Reserves, entered military service after completing an ROTC program. He served on active duty during his first four years in such capacities as Military Intelligence Officer, Federal Prosecutor and Military Magistrate. While assigned to the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division during the summer of 2006 Zeldin was deployed to Iraq with an infantry battalion of fellow paratroopers in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Following active duty in 2007 Zeldin transitioned to the Army Reserves in the rank of Major. Prior to election to Congress, Zeldin served as New York State Senator of the Third Senate District.
In a race where the opposing campaigns have exuded contention throughout this election cycle, each of the candidates believes they are the better choice to represent the First Congressional District. “There is a lot my opponent and I disagree with,” says Congressman Zeldin. “For one, I definitely would not vote for Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker of the House again.” And, Zeldin emphasized, “I want to correct the flawed Iran Nuclear Deal which my opponent supports.”
Throne-Holst’s position is that her experience in both public and private sectors make her the better choice. “I’ve dedicated my career to fighting for hardworking families and giving voice to those in my community who have been left unheard.” She adds: “Small businesses are denied access to loans and are overwhelmed with government, red tape and an unfair corporate tax system, so my deep understanding of issues affecting Suffolk County residents, my willingness to reach across the aisle and build consensus and breadth of experience make me the right choice.”
On foreign policy, Throne-Holst’s position is to “develop a comprehensive strategy to eliminate terrorist organizations such as ISIS to prevent them from attacking on US soil, and will work in concert with international partners in a vigorous approach that includes ramping up airstrikes, assisting local ground forces and targeting ISI-held oil reserves and infrastructure to weaken their revenue reach.” The challenger continued, “We need to dismantle online recruiting by partnering with technology companies to prevent online radicalization.”
“There is a lot more my opponent and I disagree on,” Zeldin said. “With the President’s strategy obviously not working to defeat ISIS, what is she proposing that is any different than what the current administration is saying right now?” Zeldin asked. “Between refugee policy, not enforcing red lines, declaring air conditioning emissions as important as defeating ISIS, the Iran Nuclear Deal and having Intel reports scrubbed of unfavorable content politically,” Zeldin said, “the list is long as to why my opponent is so completely wrong in adopting the Obama foreign policy approach as her own.” In contrast to his opponent’s view on border security, Zeldin, who has consistently and staunchly opposed the influx of Syrian refugees, underscored, “I believe we should pause the Syrian Refugee program, not increase it.” Zeldin maintains there is no system in place to adequately vet incoming refugees with concern that terrorists would infiltrate United States borders and increase risks to the safety and security of Americans. Further elaborating on American Security, Zeldin emphasized: “I’m opposed to closing the detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.” Elaborating further on the issue of national security, the Congressman stated: “I want to correct the flawed Iran Nuclear Deal that my opponent supports.” And, Zeldin emphasized “Obamacare was fatally-designed.”
Pro-choice in a woman’s right to choose, Throne-Holst stated her position on abortion: “Women should be able to make health care decisions in consultation with their doctors without government intrusion.”
The issue of Education has evolved into a hot-button topic during this campaign. Says Throne-Holst: “I will be working with Senator Elizabeth Warren to ensure people are refinance student loans.” Throne-Holst supports pre-kindergarten for every child. Earlier education, she said, lays a better foundation for children.
In contrast to his opponent, Zeldin, who underscored his ability to successfully reach across party lines to enact several pieces of legislation, shared his record with the South Shore Press: “My proposal to allow states to opt out of Common Core without penalty from the federal government passed and was signed into law. It also helps that I’m a member of the majority in the House of Representatives and that is why I was able to get so many bills passed in the House in just my freshman term. Some of those pieces of legislation include: two bills to help veterans, two proposals to save Plum Island, his counterterrorism legislation, a bill to allow striped bass fishing off the coast of Montauk and a proposal to keep the FAA from taking negative action against East Hampton for the enactment of aircraft noise restrictions. The Safe Bridges Act, which directs federal funding to repair state and local bridges, will bring enhancements to the Hospital Road Bridge in East Patchogue.
Zeldin is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. Throne-Holst said she will “fight to close the gun show loophole and require background checks for those purchasing a gun.” She said she will fight to keep guns out of the hands of felons and domestic violence perpetrators. She also supports open democrat relations with Cuba and lifting trade embargo which she says will promote capitalism.
On the issue of the treatment of war veterans who return home, Throne-Holst stated: “I believe we have to do right by veterans who have sacrificed for us. As supervisor I worked to make it easier for one Island veteran to access services they’ve earned.” Citing his record, Zeldin said: “I was able to open a new veterans health care clinic in Manorville, and also helped lead the effort to permanently reauthorize the Zadroga Act for our 9/11 responders.”
Calling her opponent a “Tea Party extremist,” Throne-Holst said she is better fit to represent the First Congressional District and will remain dedicated to being her constituents’ voice in Washington.
As he looks ahead to serving his second two-year term to represent constituents of the First Congressional District and the nation on Capitol Hill, Zeldin cites his record and statistics: “My office was able to successfully resolve over 4,000 cases regarding important issues in favor of NY-1 constituents. I also believe that it’s important that we have a more military veterans serving in Congress. Just after Vietnam, over 75% of Congress was made up of military veterans. Now that number is less than one in five. ”

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