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Violet Cove Disaster

Dear Editor:

I cannot believe what Mastic Beach Village Trustees Chris Anderson, Anne Snyder and Joe Johnson, have done by voting to buy the dilapidated Violet Cove property for $150,000 of village taxpayer’s money. These three trustees bought Violets’ Cove in spite of the strenuous objections of the village treasurer. Are they kidding me? This isn’t the first time they went against the advice of the village treasurer and accountant. These are the same three who created the “tax neutral” budget that has all but bankrupted the Village of Mastic Beach and left us with no services. When will this poor judgement end?
The village accountant and treasurer said the franchise fees of a $100,000 would not materialize and they haven’t! According to Newsday, the other revenues are way down from last year as well. We will be running a budget deficit for the 4th year in a row. This village has overspent the budget and lived off of credit four years out of six! On top of the trustee’s fiscal mismanagement, they want to spend $150,000 on Violets’ Cove? With what money? They plan to bankrupt DPW budget lines! The DPW is barely able to operate now! We already have a skeleton crew and no services! How do these trustees think they will renovate the Violets’ Cove property? New York Rising said it would cost $1.4 million to raise the building and bring it up to code! Who is going to pay for that? The village taxpayers? More debt, more taxes, less services.
We have to stop this runaway train of a village now before it is too late. VOTE YES to DISSOLVE this disaster of a village on November 16th from 12 noon – 9:00 p.m. at the Mastic Beach Firehouse!

Jean San Martin
Resident of Village of Mastic Beach

Heroin and Opioid Abuse

Dear Editor:

Heroin and opioid abuse has turned into an epidemic on Long Island, and it will only continue to worsen unless something is done to stop it. It’s sad that we’ve reached a point where almost everybody knows someone who struggles with addiction: a family member, neighbor, friend of a friend, etc. This disease destroys lives and rips apart families in the absolute worst way possible. We must stop drug addiction in its tracks, not only for those currently struggling, but for those who are at risk to become addicted at some point in life. I would love to personally thank Lee Zeldin for his actions in helping turn this mission into a reality. Not only did he help pass a series of bills to directly address the heroin and opioid epidemic this past May, but he is a member of the Bipartisan Task Force to Combat the Heroin Epidemic in the House of Representatives and has even held several drug task force round tables which I have had the honor to be a part of. In particular, the Congressman held a forum in November where people involved in all aspects of this issue, including those who have personally struggled with addiction, came to openly talk about the root of drug abuse and ways to stop it from spreading. Fighting drug abuse is a community effort that requires hard work on every level: school leaders, policemen, Councilmen, Congressmen, the medical community, etc., everyone needs to be on the same page in terms of practical solutions to address this crisis. Thank you Congressman Zeldin for giving us the opportunity to come together as a community and discuss this epidemic which has stayed underneath the radar for far too long. As a lifelong Democrat, I am not afraid to cross party lines and support a politician who has prioritized this critical issue. Stopping the drug epidemic is far too important to allow partisanship to get in the way. Lee Zeldin has great progress so far in combatting this epidemic and spreading awareness, but we as a community must all be on board if we are to truly stop the spread of heroin and opioids for good. Too many lives have already been claimed by drug addiction, and staying complacent about the issue, hoping it goes away on its own does not work and is simply unacceptable.

Mary Fogarty
Center Moriches
Rep. Lee Zeldin Hosts Annual Senior Day Expo Event

Dear Editor:

Thank you to all those who attended my annual Senior Day Expo event. Living out one’s golden years to the max can come with its share of challenges, which is why I organize an annual event to provide guidance for the seniors of the First Congressional District. Fighting for our seniors and ensuring that they have the highest quality of life must always be a top priority in America. If assistance is ever needed with a federal issue, or any questions exist about Social Security or Medicare, residents of the First Congressional District can always contact my Long Island office at (631) 289-1097.

Congressman Lee Zeldin

Editors Note: be advised last week this letter was published incorrectly. This is the correct letter from Congressman Zeldin.

Response to a Letter

Dear Editor:

I would like to respond to a letter written by Bob Miller in your September 28, 2016 issue. Mr. Miller entitled his letter “Dissolve the Village of Mastic Beach Inform Yourself”. He directs the residents of the Village of Mastic Beach to “ …seek out respectable avenues of correct information”. He directs residents to the NYS Comptroller, the conference of Mayors, a Village web site and a TOB web site. NONE OF THESE HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE PROCESS OF DISSOLUTION OF A VILLAGE! He suggests that residents use the FOIL process which will take on average 6 weeks. So Mr. Miller’s advice to inform yourself on dissolution of the village, is to contact the wrong departments and get your information AFTER the vote will have already been taken.
Why won’t people concerned with the process just contact the NYS Department of State @ www.dos.state.ny.us Ask them for “ The citizen’s guide to petitioning for local government consolidation or dissolution.” You will get your information in minutes! To again quote the NYS Dept of State “in many ways, a vote to consolidate or dissolve is a leap in the dark, since the vote comes before the plan when using the petition process”. For whatever reason Mr. Miller seems to be fully in support of people voting to dissolve without knowing what will happen if the vote is successful!
The Town of Brookhaven has been totally silent on the issue of dissolution. They will not give any indication as to their actions if the vote to dissolve is successful. The only person giving guarantees on what the town will do is an employee named Miller! I don’t think he has that authority.
The ONLY information from the TOB is a letter from the Supervisor concerning the Fire Island to Montauk (FIMP) plan by the USACE. In the Supervisors letter, he strongly states that he wants everything south of Elm, from Johns’ Neck to the William Floyd Estate and substantial portions of Osprey Point (A & AE Zones) to be uninhabited wetlands. No other TOB elected official has offered a different opinion. What happens to the 1,200 families, all of our natural waterfront, all of our commercial marinas and both Marina 1 and Marina 5? What will be the tax burden of those families north of Elm?
Maybe there is a reason for the silence on the part of the town and the misdirection by one of its’ employees, Mr. Miller. Lets hope reason will prevail.

Tom Fox
Resident, Village of Mastic Beach

Thank You

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank you good samaritan for leaving me the license plate information, for the car that hit into me, while I was parked on Montauk Highway in Center Moriches.

Stuart Bossert

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