County Clerk Update – County Clerk Pascale Offers Training To Attorneys On E-Filing

CLEsmby Suffolk County  Clerk Judy Pascale

County Clerk Pascale Offers Training To Attorneys On E-Filing

Suffolk County Clerk Judith A. Pascale, along with the New York State Office of Court Administration, recently offered continuing legal education classes for Suffolk County attorneys on the New York State Courts Electronic Filing System in both Riverhead and Hauppauge.
The electronic filing of Supreme Court lawsuits has been utilized in Suffolk County for the last several years and just recently the courts have expanded use of the system on a mandatory basis for certain lawsuits. The New York State Courts Electronic Filing System (NYSCEF), which it is called throughout New York, is a means of filing and serving legal documents electronically with various courts, including the Surrogate’s Court, Supreme Court and the Court of Claims.
Electronic filing offers many benefits to attorneys, clients and self–represented parties in Supreme Court. Attorneys can file and serve papers at any time from any place via the NYSCEF system. A case can be initiated or post-commencement documents filed at any time, on any day, even when the courts and County Clerk’s Office are closed. Multiple attorneys working on a case can view the file simultaneously, and do so from different locations. Storage of papers is simplified, expenses reduced and fees can be paid on-line with a credit card or bank card bearing a credit card logo.
“After recent orders by the New York State Chief Administrative Judge, almost all lawsuits are mandated to be commenced in the NYSCEF system. Nearly seventy percent of all lawsuits being commenced in Suffolk County are now done electronically; and even more are using the system in cases where it is still voluntary, which indicates attorneys and law firms are using the system because of its ease and convenience,” concluded Pascale.

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