35 William Floyd Seniors Become Newest Alumni at August Graduation

WFSD 2016 summer school graduation

Amber Correa Sancimo (center) shown at her graduation with her sister Faithe (left) and brother Joseph (right).

Amber Correa Sancimo (center) shown at her graduation with her sister Faithe (left) and brother Joseph (right).


Amber Correa Sancimo

Amber Correa Sancimo

35 William Floyd seniors became the newest alumni of William Floyd High School joining approximately 600 of their peers from the Class of 2016 by fulfilling the requirements to attain a high school diploma.
“The path for each of you has been unique and your journeys all have one thing in common: no matter what obstacles you faced, whether Regents exams, course requirements or personal challenges, you did not allow those things to derail you,” said Dr. Michele Gode, William Floyd High School’s Summer School Principal, during her commencement remarks. “Take the feeling that you have this morning and use it to propel yourself forward. When you leave here today as a high school graduate, know that you have achieved something that no one can take from you.”
Addressing her fellow graduates, student speaker Amber Correa Sancimo, detailed her challenges in reaching this goal including enrolling in 11 courses this past summer school session while working and raising a small child. “I pushed myself to succeed through it all. So to anyone who says that you just can’t do it, here is proof that you can.” She also expressed thanks to her parents, grandparents, daughter and two teachers who helped her tremendously along the way, Shelley Milne and Hondo Humberstone.
“Your talent, your hard work and most of all your perseverance have earned you this great honor of being a William Floyd graduate,” said Kevin M. Coster, Superintendent of Schools, William Floyd School District, to the district’s newest alumni. “My father, who was a teacher for 36 years, said to me often, ‘Life is a marathon, not a sprint.’ So, graduates, you just finished your William Floyd marathon and you now have the ticket to begin the next one. So make it great! Congratulations!”

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