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Dear Editor:

I would like to respond to the letter swhich ran in your August 10 2016 paper by Mr. Bob Miller. I have no doubt that Mr. Miller feels he is acting in the best interests of ALL the residents of Mastic Beach. While I do not question his motives, he apparently has a problem with Mr. Fugarino, and Mr. Miller’s solution is to do exactly what Mr. Fugarino is accused of doing.
Let us deal with the issue and facts, not personalities and private agendas. As stated by Mr. Miller “his” petition is a petition to “dissolve”. He states that he wants the people of the Village of Mastic Beach to be afforded to opportunity to make an informed decision. I am afraid that Mr. Miller is under the impression that an “old law” (Article 19, Village Law of the State of NY) is still in force. IT IS NOT. The new law concerning dissolution/consolidation took effect March 21, 2010. Anyone can get a copy of the Law at www.dos.state.ny.us/lgss/publications.htm. For easier reading I might suggest interested parties contact the New York State Department of State www.dos.ny.gov or email Localgov@dos.ny.gov. The Division of Local Government Services would be more than happy to send anyone a copy of “The Citizen’s Guide to Petitioning for Local Government Consolidation or Dissolution.”
Upon reading this document, a few key items are apparent. The intent of Mr. Miller’s petition is to dissolve NOT to consolidate. When a petition to dissolve, is presented by the electorate (as opposed to being offered by a government body), there is NO requirement for a full disclosure of the facts (the plan for dissolution) prior to the vote of the people via a referendum. To quote the NYS Department of State (p.11) “In many ways, a vote to consolidate or dissolve is a leap in the dark. Since the vote comes before the plan when using the petition process, and possibly before any study of the potential impacts of consolidation or dissolution, people who vote in favor of the change are trusting that their governing board will develop a sensible and suitable plan for dissolution or consolidation.”
Mr. Miller apparently feels that we will be welcomed with open arms by the Town of Brookhaven. Does anyone really think that the seven elected officials of the TOB will be in a position to vote to bail out Mastic Beach? These elected officials have broken their backs to put the Town of Brookhaven on a firm financial footing, I doubt they will reverse their own efforts, tax their own constituents, just to bail out our Village. What they ARE empowered to do is to create individual taxing districts for each of the village functions, highway, code enforcement, administration, building, waterfront, Fire Marshal, etc. The village residents will be paying 100% of these costs, NOT all the residents of the Town of Brookhaven. And let us not forget that ALL assets of the village (for which the village holds title at the time of dissolution) will vest with the Town of Brookhaven. The Town of Brookhaven IS NOT obligated to pay the Village for these assets. As an aside, the court action on the original deed may be decided during this period of time and there is possibility that all of the waterfront, marinas, clubhouse, etc will have the title held by the village. If that were to be the case, then those assets would transfer in total to the Town of Brookhaven. Talk about everyone losing everything. I guess this comes under the law of unintended consequences.
The facts are that we do not know the impact of a vote for dissolution and the people will NOT have the accurate information prior to a vote. Mr. Miller states “I believe the people should be told the truth and be allowed to make an informed decision.” I could not agree more. The issue is that the petition to dissolve will NOT allow this to happen. Mr. Miller can achieve his goal by modifying the petition to reflect the correct statement of intent, that being a petition to consolidate.
Mr. Miller, you accuse Mr. Fugarino of distorting reality by leading his fellow residents down a primrose path with flowery language. Sir, I suggest you are doing the same thing. If you truly want the people of the Village of Mastic Beach to make an informed decision, you MUST restate the intent of your petition to reflect consolidation NOT dissolution. The RESIDENTS of Mastic Beach are on the verge of a decision that will have dramatic consequence for generations to come. Let us deal with facts and valid issues. Let us leave the petty issues, private agendas and personality conflicts for another less important time.

Tom Fox
Resident (not a member of any civic)
Village of Mastic Beach

Trump Threat to Trilateral Commission

Dear Editor:

Your Mika and her father are so in bed with the Trilateral commission. And that is why your Mika has that ugly look on her face. Look up and read on google about the commission formed by Mika’s father. It is divided in three of most powerful “Men” in the world which have controlled the events in the world for decades.
They are highest on the list of elites. They decided who would be President of the US. All US Presidents have been or are members of this commission since its inception. I know why Mika is angry with Trump, because Trump is a threat to Mika’s father.

Robert C Donato
Middle Island

Mastics Shirley Christmas Parade.

Dear Editor:

It’s hard to believe but it’s time to start preparing for the 2016 Mastics Shirley Christmas Parade.
The first organizational meeting is being held on Monday, August 29th at the Mastic Fire House on Mastic Road in Mastic. The meeting will start sharply at 6pm.
The date of the parade will be December 4th with a rain/snow date of December 11th. The theme of this year’s parade is a Disney Christmas.
We will be reviewing our budget and reviewing our grand marshals.
Please RSVP your attendance to sspress2000@aol.com.

Fred Towle Jr.
Parade Chairman

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