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Kelly Platt

With extremely dry conditions with next to zero precipitation, this is a recipe for wildfires to erupt. Just like the fires in California and the one we had in 2012 in Ridge and in Manorville.
On an average each year, over 140,000 fires start in our forests, grasslands and other outdoor areas destroying homes and thousands of acres of land. Learn the best ways to prevent brush fires and how to protect your home from getting caught in the 5074334cdevastating blaze.
• Create a fire-free safety zone at least 30 feet on all sides of your home.
• Landscape with low-growing, non-flammable plant life. Learn what plants are firewise and which ones fuel fire
• Remove all leaves, rubbish and flammable objects from around your home, garage or shed.
• Be sure tree branches are at least 6 to 10 feet high from the ground.
• Keep all branches and shrubs at least 15 feet away from stovepipes, chimney outlets, gas grills or any other heat source.
• Remove dead branches from trees around your home.
• Do not allow vines to crawl on the outside walls of your home.
• Keep stacks of firewood at least 10 feet away from your home.
• Purchase a hose long enough to reach your property boundaries.
• Keep roofs, gutters and eaves free of leaves and other debris.
• Screen in the area under decks and porches to keep flammable materials out.
• Choose trellises constructed of metal, not wood.
• Mow your lawn on a regular basis and dispose of clippings and other flammable materials in accordance to local ordinances.
• Use extreme care when refueling your gas-powered lawn and garden equipment.
• Always store gasoline, propane, oily rags and other flammable materials in approved safety cans.

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