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The Compulsive Liar Hillary Clinton

Dear Editor:

When her pervert husband was caught flirting with other woman, she lied by calling that fact a conspiracy. Rather than blaming her womanizing husband, she lied by blaming the Right Wing.
In 2008 when she was running for the presidency of these United States her mantra was, “Who do you trust at 3 o’clock in the morning when the phone rings.” She lied because when Benghazi rang she never answered the phone.
She lied to the relatives of those who died at the Benghazi consulate by telling them that the cause was a video when 24 hours before she sent e-mails to her daughter and a prominent Egyptian that the cause was another 911.
She lied when she told the nation that she and her daughter, when in Kosovo, came under fire and had to dodge bullets. However, the relative video shows them both strutting like peacocks.
She is such a compulsive liar that she even lies when videos and still cameras are all over her.
If the reader believes that Hillary as a Secretary of State never sent or received classified e-mails the reader might as well believe that the moon is made of cheese. The Director of the FBI debunked all her claims.
Two detectives told me that I had bought a stolen vehicle. When I asked what was going to happen to the vehicle and to me one of them answered, “The vehicle is being returned to the insurance company, and because you bought it from a reliable dealer and paid a fair price for it we will not be arresting you.” This detective based his argument on two facts; 1. I had bought a stolen vehicle and 2. I had paid a fair price for it. He never said that he was not arresting me because he knew that I never intended to buy a stolen vehicle.
Evidently what is good for the goose is not good for the gander. In Hillary’s case the FBI director let her go free because he was able to read her mind. Intents are not relevant, only facts are relevant. Once I called the police stating that my friend intended to kill his wife. Their reply was, “No crime has been committed’. It ended by her killing him.
The fix had long been decided upon. Under normal circumstances when a person is criminally being investigated that person or his/her attorneys do not dare to make any comment of innocence or guilt, but in Hillary’s case both the President and she claimed that she would not be indicted. The FBI director acted as the judge and jury. His job is to present the facts to the Justice Dept. But it had already been agreed that the Justice Dept. will act as recommended by the FBI. That means that an agreement was reached that the FBI director would act on behalf of the Justice Dept. If the reader does not believe that there was a fix between Obama, Hillary, Loretta, and Comey then again you might as well believe the moon is made of cheese.
The FBI director told Congress that Hillary lied to Congress when she was under oath. If that is not perjury, then God help the U. S. judicial system.
Hillary now claims that she had no knowledge that the DNC was acting on her behalf. How is it possible that the Chair of her party had no communication with Hillary?
Hillary is such a chronic, habitual, compulsive, liar that she could care less that there are cameras all over, or in public, or in court (Congress). So those who believe that whatever she claims she will do if she were elected President might as well believe that the moon is made of cheese.
So I ask all those who intend to vote for her, “Why should you believe anything she says she intends to do if she were to be elected as the President of these United States.?”

Joe Carabott
Mastic Acres
Mohegan Sun Casino Bus Trip

Dear Editor:

Join us on our first trip to Mohegan Sun on Monday, October 3rd 2016. We will be picked up at the MBPOA club house at 8:00 a.m.
Members and guest will be given the first priority for tickets. After September 1st tickets sales will be open to all. Tickets are $45 with $15 returned as a food voucher and $15 returned as tokens.
To sign up call the MBPOA at 631-399-6111 and leave a message stating that you are calling about the Mohegan trip.

Mastic Beach Property Owners Association

Mastic Beach Village

Dear Editor:

Mastic Beach is an inclusive village not exclusive. We welcome all decent people to our village.
In our village we have many hardworking people.
We are not poor here, we are rich in spirit and rich in love for our families; some of us are may be broke, but this is temporary. Also you can hardly spot any snobs around here.
I am proud to be part of Mastic Beach village, where so many of my neighbors were involved in creating this village. The majority of residents voted VILLAGE YES, so we would be able to have local control of our future.
I have faith in the Mastic Beach Village residents, that they will not get manipulated and they will do their own research before signing dissolution petition.
People who started the dissolution petition prey on the trusting nature of our residents, using scare tactics, omitting facts, and often just lying.
We pay library taxes which are about as much as our village taxes. The library is planning to increase our taxes possibly 50% (do your own research), school taxes increased (compare with last year’s bill) and our village taxes stayed neutral (look-up your taxes on village website- year after year no changes). I pay about $570 in village taxes which include $300 for garbage removal. If we go to back to Brookhaven we will pay it with additional special district tax, to the Town of Brookhaven.
The new referendum to dissolve our village will cost us more then our current taxes.
I can see many positive changes in our village and we are on the way toward a better village future.
Finally, we have a village board that makes sense, with Trustee Anne Snyder, Trustee Chris Anderson and new Trustee Joe Johnson.
Let’s analyze who will benefit from dissolution the most: slumlords, people with illegal apartments, people who don’t like to comply with the law, plus of cause the so-called leaders of dissolution.
The Town of Brookhaven would love to get back additional revenue and keep us last in the line again.
We will lose: local control of our village and opportunity to be part of building our village together.
This was a big achievement, that residents pulled together, when many believed that incorporating was impossible, and our community can be proud of it.
To all Mastic Beach villagers, please do your own research, ask questions, get involved, be constructive, not destructive.
I will see you in OUR beautiful bay-front community (not Brookhaven’s) and at the village meetings.

Ewa Wolmut-Stankiewicz
Mastic Beach Village

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