Holding the Village Exploratory Crowd
Accountable for this Village.

Dear Editor:

Your essay on the benefits of remaining a Village—while filled with light and beautiful skies and poetry—drastically contrasts with the stark reality of life in the Village of Mastic Beach. Where to begin?
​You and your group made false promises to residents. You promised a Village that would not increase taxes yet would provide ALL the services the Town gave us. You promised services and an improved quality-of-life with no tax increases.
“All-volunteer workforce who would be our neighbors from the community”
“Highway services will remain with the Brookhaven Highway Department and they would maintain roads and brush”
“Fewer rentals, more home-ownership, increased property values”
​“Control of the beaches and marinas”
“Better accountable local government”
“Better services than Town of Brookhaven”
– Unions, salaries, benefits, paid hour lunches, employees hired from outside the community;
– Highway Department made up of a Trustee’s family members, followed by hiring part-time unskilled labor, little to no equipment to do the job, and roads that are in complete disrepair;
– More rental properties, zombie homes, squatters, and property values the lowest in any community on Long Island;
– Refusal to agree to settlement with MBPOA, expensive lawsuits spanning six-years and continuing;
– In-fighting, corruption, lawsuits, audits, proposed tax increases, civic-groups running the Mayors and Trustees;
– Incompetence since day one, bloated government, skyrocketing legal bills, debt, debt, and more debt with VERY LIMITED TO NON-EXISTENT SERVICES!!!
Mr. Fugarino, our quality-of-life has suffered under every-single-administration since the inception of this Village and our community continues to downgrade with each passing day. You and your civic-group, along with all the other groups that fight for control instead of working together—ARE THE PROBLEM!!
It’s time for the people of this community to be given the chance to rethink this failed experiment. Let the citizens decide if they want to continue down this primrose path of no money=no services or hold the Town of Brookhaven accountable to fix this mess.
I believe the people should be told the truth and be allowed to make an informed decision on whether-or-not they want to pay substantially more in taxes to make this village work OR vote to eliminate this unnecessary, ineffective, debt-ridden, layer of government.
The people now know the REALITY that a Village costs more—no matter how many wishes and dreams you have, you have produced nothing but flowery words to support the contrary.
The registered voters who have signed our petitions think the people should have the opportunity to VOTE on their future. They now know that, voting to stay a Village is a vote for higher taxes, more fighting, and more governmental, bureaucratic, interference into our every day lives.
By voting YES TO DISSOLUTION we go back to the Town of Brookhaven where they at least swept the streets, cleared the storm-drains, plowed and paved the roads, mowed the grass, maintained the parks, provided a senior center, tore down abandoned homes and… left us alone.

Robert A. Miller Jr.
President, Committee to Dissolve Mastic Beach
and an employee of the Town of Brookhaven

Kaeli Kramer Foundation

Dear Editor:
As many of you are aware, our dear friends, Linda & Peter Kramer lost their beautiful daughter, Kaeli, in a tragic accident, seven years ago.
Since then, Linda & Peter started and have been running the Kaeli Kramer Foundation whose purpose is to inspire and enable all of us to carry on the work which Kaeli began and which was so important to her.
The Foundation is committed to promoting the betterment of the lives of people and animals. They are involved with animal rescue and provide funding for the acquisition of horses destined for slaughter. They support therapeutic riding programs which teach people with disabilities to ride and improve strength, balance and self-confidence.
The Kaeli Kramer Foundation will celebrate an evening of wine tasting at the Milleridge Cottage, 585 North Broadway, Jericho, 11753. Their special guest and honoree will be Georgina Bloomberg, world renowned equestrian, dedicated animal advocate and author. Come and enjoy live music, wine, hors d’oeuvres, a silent auction, raffles and great company.
Thursday, August 11, 2016 6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Tickets: $85 per person, Table of 6: $480.
Buy your tickets online: kaelikramerfoundation.org or Reservations by mail: Kaeli Kramer Foundation P.O. Box 1015, Melville, NY 11747. All tickets are will call, pick up at the door.
The Kaeli Kramer Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.
Please consider attending and/or supporting this event for this very worthwhile organization.

Michael D. Dawidziak
Strategic Planning


Dear Editor:

“Finish the job, Finish the job, Finish the job” will be the new battle cry. Don’t let me hear you say DJT is taking advantage of HRC because she is a woman. If she can’t stand the heat go back in the kitchen.
In the political arena DJT will stand over HRC in Cassius Clay style with arms held high looking down at her for stepping in the political ring with “I am the greatest” DONALD J TRUMP who will “FINISH THE JOB” and “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”.

Robert C. Donato
Middle Island

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