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Letter-to-Editor-fillersmmSeeing People Jogging with Their Dogs

Dear Editor:

Seeing people jogging with their dogs in this heat gives me the chills. Anyone forcing them to run behind them or behind a bicycle is asking for trouble. You may save a life if you step in and warn these folks why they are putting their dogs in serious danger. I once pulled over to help a man whose dog was showing signs of heat stress, although the man hadn’t turned around to notice. I bundled them into my car, and although we reached the vet’s office within minutes, the dog did not make it.
A common misconception people have is that if they aren’t overheating, their dog isn’t, either. But in addition to being covered with fur, dogs cannot perspire as humans can—they can only cool themselves by panting, which doesn’t help when they only have hot air to breathe.
Signs of distress include heavy panting, tongue hanging all the way out, vomiting, and stumbling or lack of coordination. Dogs experiencing heatstroke must be cooled down with water and wet towels and rushed to a vet immediately. According to one study, half of all dogs taken to a vet with exercise-induced heat exhaustion died, but the chances of survival increased the sooner the dogs received care.
Our dogs love us and will try to keep up with us until they can’t anymore. Let’s not run them to death. Leave them at home in the air-conditioning on hot days.

Ingrid E. Newkirk
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Mayor Spery Supports Dissolution of the Village?

Dear Editor:

The residents of the Village of Mastic Beach are in need of the South Shore Press to publicly take up the issue of having a sitting mayor who was elected a year ago, who now supports dissolving the village, returning it’s governance to the Town of Brookhaven. This situation is unprecedented in NYS’ history of villages. In an historic vote, the residents who believe that local control is vital to our future development and necessary to effectively deal with the abuses and negative impact on our quality of life and property values caused by investors/ absentee owners, have been betrayed.
- The mayor acknowledged her $400,000 accounting error which created a budget deficit. She proposed and failed to get a tax increase of 125% to make up for her error. This triggered a vote by the Village Board to institute an austerity budget. As a result the deficit is now less than $100,000 as fees for rental permits, property maintenance violations and tax arrears are being collected. The village is functioning and will eliminate the deficit by year’s end.
- The Town of Brookhaven will not absorb our village’s debt! A special tax district that will be created if we were to dissolve to pay off all existing village debt would cause a huge tax increase in the near term.The cost of village lawsuits currently under way will be borne by the residents; any settlements will be passed on to the residents.
- The mayor’s former deputy mayor and PR firm are leaders of the dissolution effort and are actively seeking support of residents.
This comes at a time when this jewel on Long Island’s south shore is being discovered and it receives positive attention in articles found in magazines and newspapers about our beautiful, undervalued waterfront community. Mastic Beach has all the natural beauty and the opportunity for enjoying all that bay front communities possess. We can achieve our original goals in forming a village with leaders who believe in our future and whose decisions will move us forward.

Frank Fugarino
Mastic Beach
Sanders OUT Gabbard IN

Dear Editor:
Bernie Sanders aka Judas is dead in the water with no life jacket. He totally sold out and for him there is no way back. The Bernie supporters should argue from the floor for Hawaii Rep Gabbard to replace KAINE as VP pick. Gabbard quit the DNC to support Sanders
Unlike DWS Gabbard knew if she remained she would have to be neutral. See her video. Read what she said in the article on Google (First Draft Now). In my opinion, this is the only way the Dems can come out united and with a chance.

Robert C. Donato

Mayor’s Message

Dear Editor:

Open letter to Frank Fugarino:

Please cease and desist from writing lies and half- truths about my position on the dissolution of the village. I have been resolute and steadfast about the viability of a village government here in Mastic Beach. You can read my position on this as far back as March 17th 2010 in my Newsday Op-Ed. (insert)
Let me re-iterate where I stand – A village government can be effective in combating many of the serious issues that we face here in Mastic Beach BUT you must be willing to fund it appropriately.
Frank, I get it. You don’t like me. You have sued me twice. You have lost twice. In the federal lawsuit you and others sued me for “conspiring” at a meeting that I did not attend. Even the Judge made sure to bring that fact up as one of the reasons for your lawsuit’s failure.
On day one as Mayor I reached out to you and your organization and gave out proclamations recognizing your good works. I asked you and Paul Breschard to work together on the Quality of Life Committee (a committee that Bruce Summa and I created). Instead of working with me, you have done nothing but continue your smear campaign against me.
So Frank, understand my position – A “PROPERLY FUNDED” VILLAGE GOVERNMENT can be effective in combating the Quality of Life Issues that we have in Mastic Beach.
So instead of you promoting lies about my position why not begin an intelligent discussion on how much it costs to pave and maintain 88 miles of road, clean all the storm drains, pick up dumped items, sweep the streets, plow snow, maintain vacant properties, administer and inspect over 2,000 rentals and administer and inspect over 400 zombie homes, as well as pay for and maintain a court and village administration. Let’s discuss how we continue promoting Mastic Beach. The fruit of last year’s PR efforts have garnered very positive press as Mastic Beach was promoted in the NY Post, Forbes, Money, Fortune, Realty Trac, Market Watch and the Wall Street Journal as the second “Most Affordable Beach Community in the United States.”
As of this date there has been no petitions calling for the dissolution of Mastic Beach Village submitted to the village clerk. So as far as I am concerned I will continue to work as hard as I can to make this village work as effectively and efficiently as possible.
Lastly Frank, the residents and taxpayers I speak with are most frustrated by the vitriol and mean spiritedness that has come to embody this village. The biggest hurdle for this village’s success is getting us all to work together. I’ve always been willing to negotiate and compromise. The question is Frank, are you? And please never again put your words in my mouth.

Maura Spery
Mayor Mastic Beach

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