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To Dissolve or Disregard Summa

Dear Editor:

Former Deputy Mayor Bruce Summa is spearheading the movement to dissolve Mastic Beach. He has taken to personal attacks against residents, officials and former Mayors Breschard and Biondi as well as venomous insults against Mr. Fugarino, I may not always agree with everything any of them did or do, however, for this man to sully their names, it’s disgusting.
Mr. Miller, for you to associate yourself with a pariah such as Mr. Summa, is foolish.
The village cannot remain tax neutral; I think everyone knows that. For the man who wasted over $400k on a poorly paved road that brought us into a massive deficit to now call for dissolution and insult anyone is almost laughable.
Mr. Summa likes to point out that Frank Fugarino lost an election. That is true, but, he at least had an opponent, Bruce lost an election where he had no competition. He ran unopposed and LOST. So he should cast fewer stones from that glass house of his. Remember when Bruce boasted about losing his write-in campaign? Funny how the man that beat him didn’t boast about winning a write-in campaign.
Bruce calls the new majority Frank’s trustees. Ann ran with Maura and approved Brucey’s personal indemnification. Unlike Bruce and Betty who blindly followed Maura’s lead in driving this village into the ground, the “new majority” both supports and disagrees with one another, that’s what makes them “our trustees.” I go to what meetings I can and my daughter goes to most as well. You know who doesn’t, Brucey and Bobby. Why doesn’t Bruce go anymore? Maybe it’s fear, maybe it’s shame, who knows. He clearly has the time as he’s walking around door to door seeking dissolution.
I’ve lived in this community for around 60 years. I’ve seen its rise and fall and I’m watching it rise again. We have our problems here: drug dealers, thieves, sex offenders and Bruce Summa. Drug dealers get arrested. Thieves get arrested. Sex offenders are monitored and if we clean up the area will be pushed out and relocated. Bruce Summa is a parasite I do not know how to handle. Like Mr. Fugarino, I worked in education for most of my life. I understand that when a child doesn’t get their way they throw a temper tantrum. I understand that when a underdeveloped psyche is faced with someone else succeeding over them that they become destructive. That is what Bruce Summa is, and I implore Mr. Miller to turn his efforts on improving this village rather than jumping in bed with the local loon and sore loser that is Bruce Summa. Dissolution is not the answer, we finally have a fighting chance at improving this village.

Edward Rogers
Mastic Beach

Great Organization

Dear Editor:

Rachel (Maddow) Rachel, Rachel Rachel, I guess when you ‘re in office as long as OBama/Clinton have been in office, you have great organization. I used the word guess because I did not want too use the word assume, because you know what happens when you (ass u me).
So let’s go back to this great organization. OBama’s/Clinton’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice lies on five TV stations that Bengazi was because of some video. LIES, LIES, LIES. OBama’s Attorney General after a clandestine meeting with Sleezebag Bill Clinton, comes out and lies about no wrong doing by Hillary Clinton. But that’s OK. Because they have great organization.
Trump is going to lose to Hillary because crooked lying Hillary has great ground organization. Didn’t Ted Cruz have great ground and knowledgeable organization and what happened to him? Donald Trump has Hillary and her surrogates twisting in the wind.
Watched turn coat ( I would call him Benedict Arnold but I do not believe as others do that he was a traitor) Mr. Magoo and Meeker and also In ka Dinra doo Andrea. So pathetic.
So LOCK HER UP, LOCK HER UP ,LOCK HER UP remains the battle cry.

Robert C Donato

Mayor Spery Supports Dissolution of the Village?

Dear Editor:

Mayor Spery’s Deputy Mayor and now former Village PR firm Get Go Design’s Getchel – walking around with Petitions to Dissolve the Village.
Incredible as it seems, Mayor Spery is refusing to publicly state her position as to whether she is in favor of dissolution of the village. More importantly, she has abandoned her sworn oath to lead. At last night’s village meeting, she again dodged the opportunity to express her support of the village’s mission even though she was elected as mayor four months ago.
This comes at a time when the deficit is being reduced, employees are being hired to replace those that left, fees and tax assessments are being collected.
• As far as the blighted home fees -
$63,000 assessed……. $30,225 has been PAID! Almost half of the blighted houses have been paid.
• Houses that were assessed property maintenance, lawn mowing, boarding, etc. $90,745.95 assessed……. $73,808.66 was collected.
• 95 rental houses are delinquent for about $56,000 in taxes.
Obviously, this is more money that the village could go after to further diminish the deficit.
The village is necessary for quality of life! The anticipated budget deficit that started out at $400,000, and was chiseled down to about $200,000 by austerity measures, is now more than another $100,000 reduced!
JOB # 1 – Getting the village to continue to be efficient as it makes progress addressing QOL issues
JOB #2 – Seek a tax increase for a demonstrated result and improvement; not to make up for errors.

Frank Fugarino
President, Pattersquash Creek Civic Association
Mastic Beach

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