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As a throng of supporters at the Suffolk County Republican Committee’s event gathered under the awning at the Southward-Ho Club in Bay Shore, cigar smoke wafting through the air, all talk centered around who Trump’s pick for vice-president would be.
Committee Chairman John LaValle has been advocating for Trump on news television shows such as CNN; LaValle asked to be a spokesman by “the Donald” himself after drawing 1400 attendees to the very successful committee fundraiser in Patchogue.
Well, it’s official. The spotlight is on Mike Pence for Vice President. Talk is, everything Trump is not – Pence is. Mike Pence describes himself as Christian, Conservative, Republican in that order, he said. “I became a Republican because of Reagan.”
Pence represented Indiana, the Hoosier State, in Congress for tweleve years and as Governor, four years.
As Governor he cut taxes, has their economy under control, and his state has a AAA bond rating.
Donald Trump, candidate for President of the United States, said in picking Pence for his Vice President. “He is all about how to make America great again. He’s a first class running mate, and he’s all about jobs, the economy and national security.”
The Navy Seal who killed Ben Laden stated you meet the enemy at point of origin. He further stated Donald Trump will make America strong and great again.
Mike Pence in closing at Saturday morning’s news conference at the Hilton Hotel in Manhattan exclaimed, “Trump will make a great President, I am truly humbled to be at his side today!”

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