2016 Center Moriches High School Commencement

Tony Corn, Jack Andrews and Charles PlattDean Madigan and Charles Platt, Center Moriches Class of 2016 Graduates13466022_10206854722152807_8450482068166814759_n106sm2sm7amValedictorian of the Class of 2016

Matthew Almond – I have lived in Center Moriches all my life with my parents and sister. Throughout high school I have played soccer, basketball and baseball, being a captain of all three my senior year. I also dedicate my time by coaching MYO soccer and basketball. I am attending Stony Brook University in the fall and majoring in Applied Mathematics. I am not yet sure what I plan on doing past college, but I am looking forward to the opportunities life will present to me.

Salutatorian of the Class of 2016

Christopher Ponticello – Throughout my high school career I have placed great importance on balancing athletics and academics. I played High School ice hockey for Ward Melville High School and junior hockey for the Metro Fighting Moose in the MJHL. Next year, I will be studying Animal Biosciences and playing ice hockey at the University of Delaware. I have always had a strong passion for animals, which compelled me to obtain an internship position at Eastport Animal Hospital. My lifelong dream is to one day become a veterinarian and help make a difference in the lives of animals in need.

The 2016 Graduating Class ofCenter Moriches High School

Janneth Abril Guambana
Julia Alaimo
Matthew Almond
Deny Amaya
Alexa Andersen
Jack Andrews
Molly Barr
Tyler Barton
Krista Berchtold
Shea Bernath
Joseph Biamonte
Annamarie Bieniewicz
Emily Breem
Holly Breutsch
Stephen Bryant
Patrick Campbell
Marilyn Cariello
Caroline Casey
Karyn Cassidy
Gabriella Catanuto
Jessie Chen
Benjamin Ciriaco
Connor Colpas
Thomas Colwell
Drew Copenhaver
Gabriel Corella
Hannah Croce
Ava Davidson
Kelsey DeBatto
Michael DeLong
Olivia Devlin
Anthony DiBlasi
Christopher Dinome
Liam Dorney
Matthew Dwyer
John Dyer
JennaMarie Dyke
Jared Erhardt
Rebecca Fatzie
Nicholas Fiscina
Alyssa Forssell
James Gappa
Gage Giammarino
James Giarraputo
John Glaser
Jasmine Goode
Emma Governale
Brian Gregory
Shannon Gregory
T’Keyah Gregory
Taha Guler
Shea Harkin
De’Ara Harris
Jolie Haskin
Kevin Hatton
Craig Hawley
Ryan Hayes
Dylan Heinz
Isha Henderson
Avery Hoda
Jake Hogan
Christopher Hopper
John Hulse
Christopher Iannelli
Brandon Impastato
Sabrina Inzerillo
Antonio Iorio
Natalie Janik
Adam Jimenez
Zakarij Kaczynski
Zachary Kalinowski
Kyle Kanige
Dion Kennedy
Krystin Kennedy
Mariah Kern
Jakob Klaus
Abbey Knowles
Alexis Knowles
Christopher Kobus
Alexandra Kreuscher
James Kruk
Elmer Lazo Molina
David Leary
Katherine Lemmen
Jesse Leuthardt
James Lewis
Joseph Lewis
ShengXin Lian
Elizabeth Lingg
James Loiudice
Ramon Lopez-Flores
Anthony Maag
Dean Madigan
Jayson Magee
Jose Maisonet
Sara Marchese
Julianna Marinace
Jonas Marrello
Dayanna Martinez
Joseph Martins
Anthony Mascia
Patrick McCarthy
Bel-te-Shazzar McFarlane
Jillian McMahon
Danaisha McNeil
Paul Messina
Jaron Miller
Dana Moeller
Justina Molesso
Patrick Molloy
Hannah Monell
James Monell
Jillian Montecalvo
Liam Morris
Anthony Navas
Ashley Navas
Lydia Nelson
Jake Nill
Catherine Nolan
Lexis Nothaft
Vincent Novara
Kayla O’Leary
Hannah Oswalt
Dominick Pedone
Charles Platt
Christopher Ponticello
Brianna Puglisi
Tyliek Quinonez
Thomas Raimondi
Kaitlin Rakowski
Janine Ratti
Jodie Rementer
Megan Ricci
Austin Roggemann
Sophia Sacknievich
Haley Saetran
Guy Sarubbi
Jesus Sawyer
Kailyn Schulz
Christina Schumchyk
Samantha Seus
Erin Shuster
Cierra Smith
Kevin C. Smith
Kevin M. Smith
Julia Strong
James Stuart
Kyrin Taylor
Isabel Treto
Alycia Vazquez
Ryan Vetack
Erin Walsh
Mackenzie Walsh
Patrick Weber
Edward Werner
Mikayla Weybrecht
Anthony Whitley-Corn
Justin Wilson
Wipada Wongsarat
Kaylie Wood
Claire Woronick
Moshell Wright Forde
Madeline Ziminski
Andrew Zito
Zachary Zosimo

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