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Dear Editor;

The Bellport Garden Club invites you to “Garden Walk”, a tour of six beautiful gardens in Bellport and Brookhaven Hamlet. This event will be held on Sunday, June 26th from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. Tickets are $20 or (2) for $35, and may be purchased in advance in Bellport Village at: TOLA, Pamela Lerner Antiques, It’s Only Natural and Bellport Wine & Spirits, or on the day of event at the Bellport Brookhaven Historical Society’s Exchange Shop, 12 Bell St., Bellport (after 12:30 p.m). Advance sale tickets must be traded in for a garden entrance map at the Exchange Shop on the day of the event. Artists from the Plein Air Limner Society will be painting in the gardens. For further information, call (631) 286-9281.

Michele DePalo
Publicity Chair
Bellport Garden Club

Maura Spery Should Resign

Dear Editor;

I hope everybody had a safe and reflective Memorial Day. On May 26, 2016 I was subjected to reading Maura Spery’s whining rant about the budget complete with self praise and piss poor excuses.
4-1: that was the vote to approve the current budget after this mayor gave people over $50,000.00 in raises, wasted hundreds of thousands on audits, private investigators and attorneys, screwed up over $400,000.00 in State funding, and hired a multiple felon to run our code enforcement which lead to more lawsuits.
Now she has the audacity to piss and moan that a few employees were cut because of her mismanagement. I was locked outside village hall during a budget meeting while this mayor scoffed at the public calling for her resignation. Then she proudly hung the “Impeach Mayor Maura” sign in her window at village hall.
Then we’re bombarded with emails from her attack dog Bruce Summa who is now supporting dissolution. You remember Bruce; he was the local pariah hated so much that he ran unopposed and LOST.
To be clear, this budget mess falls on Maura: HER MESS, HER FAULT and HER RESPONSBILITY. Now she writes into local papers whining that her secretary and assistant got cut back. Well Mayor Spery, since you can’t work like this and it’s too much for you to handle, then I suggest that you RESIGN. That would truly show your commitment to bettering this village.
Neighbors, I’ve loved this community since before William Floyd was paved. I’ve had kids and grandkids grow up here, buy homes here and live here. This village is the way to a better future. Dissolution is not the answer, getting rid of poor leadership (Maura Spery) is.

Eddie Rogers
Proposed Ban on Declawing

Dear Editor;

New York’s proposed ban on declawing would save cats a lot of pain—and humans a lot of money and headaches.
Declawing is more than just an extreme manicure—it involves amputating a cat’s toes at the last joint. The surgery can cause lasting physical and psychological harm, including nerve damage, hemorrhaging, bone chips, recurrent infections, depression, and litterbox aversion. Declawed cats are defenseless and they know it, which is why some may tend to bite.
Not all cats suffer lasting effects, but there’s no way to know if your cat will until it’s too late. As someone who inherited a declawed cat with litterbox issues, I can assure you that urine odor makes you long for some snags in your sofa.
Declawing is literally like taking a hatchet to a hangnail. Kittens usually outgrow their urge to scale the drapes and attack wiggling fingers and toes. Most cats naturally gravitate toward scratching posts. Claws’ destructiveness can be curtailed with biweekly trimming. We wouldn’t yank out a puppy’s teeth for chewing so why whack off a kitten’s toes?
A New York ban on declawing would follow in the footsteps of Australia, England, France, and nearly two dozen other countries that have already banned this painful and “unnecessary mutilation,” as the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons calls it.

Alisa Mullins
PETA Foundation

My Answer to the Village Crier

Dear Editor;

I read former Deputy Mayor Bruce Summa’s rant and dispute his fact pattern. He is not a treasurer nor has he the background for it, and has proven he knows nothing about running a municipality. He does know how to spread lies and false information to the public to help destroy our hard earned Village of Mastic Beach.
Make no mistake. Mr. Summa and present Mayor Maura Spery have replaced the personnel that knew how to run a municipality with their own appointees.
In my opinion, the overspending of village funds was no mistake. I would suspect it was a well-oiled plan to dissolve the village to keep the waterfront for the MBPOA.
I suspect this because the mayor rushed to have the stipulation signed on March 28, 2016 before the board would change on April 4th, 2016.
The prior board of trustees followed a policy of minimizing tax inceases by applying surpluses each year. When looking at the facts shown in the Audit report, the operating “deficit” Mr. Summa rants about was expected and planned in order to return unnecessarily raised tax money to the residents by using availabler money from surplus. Most of the surplus was gained by managing the money we raised through taxes, by being especially frugal and diligent, shopping for the most economical solutions, and vigilantly enforcing our rules and regulations. While I was on the board we operated within the overall budget “AS PLANNED”, checked for available money before committing to spend and then followed proper regulations so as to assure the taxpayers received good value. In fact, when I left the board in March 2015, that fiscal year had a projected surplus of $350,000 which was applied to lower taxes. As of May 31st, 2015 the total surplus was $463,652 with $113,652 unassigned. These are facts found in the May 31, 2015 Audit Report prepared by our independent accounting firm. Placing the blame (as Ex-Trustee Summa does) on the former administration is simply a misstatement of fact. He also was a part of the board and supported the budget which used surplus rather than raise taxes.

Nicholas J. Busa
Former Deputy Mayor

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