logo-LI News Radio_BoardJVC Media, one of the leading independent, locally owned radio broadcast companies with over a dozen stations in New York and Florida is proud to present the Citizens State of Suffolk County on its local news talk radio station LI News Radio.
This Thursday, May 19th from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. LI News Radio will turn over the airwaves of 103.9 LI News Radio to the residents of Suffolk County. It will be the CITIZENS STATE OF THE COUNTY! This will be Suffolk County resident’s opportunity to sound off on issues, politics and the recent and constant corruption from our elected officials.
Matt Goldapper, Vice President of News Operations for JVC Broadcasting said, “103.9 LI News Radio’s phones and email have been inundated by residents who are disgusted and need to vent, they are tired of not having their voice heard and politicians not listening to their concerns. This is why we created LI News Radio”.
Jay Oliver local morning show host added, “Suffolk County residents are done with all the corruption and abuse of power by their elected officials and they want them to know it.”
Enough is enough! Residents get ready, elected officials, be aware. Thursday May 19th 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., exclusively on 103.9 LI News Radio the radio station becomes the voice of the community.
For six hours the phones will be open at 631-451-1039. For six hours local leaders, community residents and concerned citizens will have the opportunity to be heard from Route 110 to Montauk point on Suffolk County’s only Live and Local News, Talk and information station LI News Radio 103.9 FM.
Tune in at 103.9 FM or on listen on line at www.linewsradio.com and you can follow the action at facebook.com/linewsradio.

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