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Dear Editor;
The real issue is getting better leaders who want the village to succeed and are competent. A good number of those that support a petition to dissolve did not want the village in the first place. To the others, I say that the reasons for forming a village still hold true today. We residents should not forget that this mayor began her administration with a $350,000 plus surplus and spent huge sums on lawyers, audits, investigations and salary increases that got us nowhere. I will shortly receive the answer to my FOIL as to how much money was spent on the Cramer Associates for an audit and Radius Investigations for a forensic audit. The mayor ignored the NYS Comptroller’s Office recommendation to have tightened up financial operations and account carefully for how budget lines and expenditures should be aligned in the Village Budget.
Why did this mayor increasingly spend on adding positions, increasing salaries, spend on audits, keep the trustees from knowing accurate financial information by providing the board with abstracts reflecting missing checks? Who else is complicit in this charade and mismanagement of village finances?
The treasurer who resigned in December without properly accounting for the taxpayer’s money should be held responsible. The answer is not to go backwards and challenge the concept that governing ourselves is a bad idea when compared to a Town of Brookhaven which is so large as to be compared to the state of Rhode Island in geographical size and the population of Wyoming.
Subject: Money Error Could Doom LI Village « CBS New York – Breaking News, Sports, Weather, Traffic And The Best of NYhttp://newyork.cbslocal.com/video/

Frank Fugarino
President Patterquash Civic Association

Play ball!

Dear Editor;

The Suffolk County Senior Softball Association is starting its tenth season on April 28th. Games take place on the Moriches, Medford, Diamond in the Pines, Huntington, Babylon, Smithtown and Firemen’s Field complex.
What started out as seven teams not wanting to make the trip to Nassau County ten years ago due to rising gas prices and heavy traffic conditions traveling west, they formed a seven team league to play on the local fields of Brookhaven.
In a period of ten years, the league has expanded to seventeen teams and has three divisions of 59 years of age and over.
Thanks to Softball Program Supervisor Pete Eaton, Senior Softball Director Rick Marz, and League President Dietmar Trick, the program has grown and has become very popular.
Most of the teams play on state of the art turf fields provided by Ed Morris, Commissioner of Parks and Recreation and Kurt Leuffen, Superintendent of Recreation and the Town of Brookhaven.
In addition to the Summer League, there is also a Snowflake Fall League, which plays up to 50 games. Most of the players who enjoy playing softball are sure to get enough playing time.
Also, the Town of Brookhaven features a 65 and older league that plays at the turf fields at Percy Raynor Memorial Park.
If you’re interested in playing softball with a team on these great fields,you can call Peter Eaton at 631-451-6128 for more information.
Softball paradise just became a little bit more of heaven.

Dakota Trick

Thank You South Shore Press

Dear Editor;

The Moriches Paquatuck Squaws would like to thank the South Shore Press for covering the Joy Prom event. This event is so special to us and to the community. With your help, this event lets the public know what our organization is all about.

The Moriches Paquatuck Squaws

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