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Center Moriches Taxpayer

Dear Editor;

For many years now, our board of education members have all been involved in the “Status Quo”, voting on issues within our district. I believe it’s time for a change where new leadership is needed to propel our district in a more positive direction with fiscal restraint.
The issues:
* Center Moriches is plagued with too many administrators for such a small student population district. I believe it’s time to do more with less within our administration by consolidation and excessing positions, which has always been a priority to me.
*Paraprofessionals have been working without a contract going on three years. It’s time to give those with direct contact with our children a comprehensive contract, as well as returning them back to the classrooms to assist primary class grade teachers who need it the most.
*Are you aware your tax increase will be more than what you are voting on because of the BOND that passed last voting cycle? Vote no on the budget.
* I will propose and implement a new way for all employees to clock in, instead of the honorable sign in sheet method. All employees will swipe a bar coded School ID card to enter access of all buildings, as well as fingerprint scanning in for work for the day, as not to commit fraud or theft of payroll services.
* I will propose a salary cap for all school administrators.
My plan to protect the interests of the children and taxpayers:
* I will always put students and taxpayers first to avoid any conflicts of interest or undue influence by special interests and will always be accessible, transparent, honest and be a vocal representative of our community.
* I will proactively work hard to curb the increased spending of the district, whether it be with salaries for new hires or looking for cost saving measures throughout the entire budget, so that we are fiscally responsible with your money.
A vote for me will be a strong independent voice with accountability, honesty, integrity and transparency in all of my actions and decisions as a member of your board of education.
Please, elect Kelly Platt for a change in leadership on Tuesday, May 17th 2016 at the Clayton Huey Main Street gym from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Kelly Platt
Center Moriches School Board Candidate

Spring Car Show – Center Moriches

Dear Editor;

The Moriches Bay Historical Society will be hosting a Spring Car Show and Chinese Auction on the great lawn of the John Scudder Havens Homestead on Sunday June 5, 2016 from 11:00 a.m. til 4:00 p.m. All cars welcome – Admission $7 adults / $3 children. (no fee to exhibit car) Live music, artist showcase, historic house tours. 15 East Main Street, Center Moriches. For additional information, contact havensmbhs@optonline.net or call 516-662-3036.

Bob Romano
The Moriches Bay Historical Society
Unsafe replacement workers at Verizon

Dear Editor;

Our strike has taken a new direction that has me very concerned for the well being of my members, but even more so for the people of Suffolk and Nassau County. Verizon has hired workers through a subcontractor that has not done a good job of screening and vetting the people they hired and they have them driving to people’s homes in vehicles that have no marking as to who they are performing work for. In just 2 days, 1 was arrested in Nassau for pulling out a machete like knife on our mobile picketers and another punched one of my members in the nose and eye because my member pushed his cell phone away from his face.
I am greatly concerned that we do not know who Verizon is sending in to the homes of our neighbors or what they have done in the past. The unmarked vehicles are going to lend itself to scam artists and criminals duping people to let them in to their homes.
We have begun to do simple background checks on some of these individuals. So far we have 4 that are here with criminal backgrounds. The crimes they have committed range from Domestic Violence, Burglary of a dwelling w/ assault & battery, possession of a controlled substance, numerous driving w/license revoked, suspended or canceled, resisting arrest, trafficking in illegal drugs, leaving the scene of a crash w/property damage, possession of cannabis, numerous driving under the influence, purchase of cocaine, possession of cocaine, & grand theft motor vehicle.
Also, Kidnapping commit felony on a child, sexual battery, & kidnapping commit felony.
We are continuing to check the backgrounds of the ones we can. God only knows what they have coming here to unleash on to our communities.
I urge you to call Verizon and let them know that this is not acceptable, that the residents of Long Island deserve to know that they will not be put in harm’s way just because Verizon was not willing to take the necessary steps to ensure they have not hired people with questionable backgrounds and low moral standing.

Michael Gendron, Executive Vice President
Communications Workers of America Local 1108

Look Who’s Calling the Kettle Black

Dear Editor;

This is in response to the article Disturbing Situation on April 27, 2016. I am the neighbor with the security cameras. For six months before I put up my two cameras, he put up three cameras: one in the front yard, one in the side yard and one on top of the swing set all above my fence, monitoring every move my family and I made. It only became a problem when I put up two cameras on April 21, 2016 and within the hour they called the police complaining. Is that not calling THE KETTLE BLACK? We told the police when they take their cameras down we will remove our two cameras. The next day, (Friday, April 22, 2016) they called CBS2 NEWS and did a story about us invading their privacy. A few days later on April 26th, CBS2 NEWS came for our side of the story on having our privacy invaded for six months. We showed CBS2 NEWS a video of the neighbor taking their cameras down twenty minutes before they came and CBS2 NEWS did a follow up story. While CBS2 NEWS was there, we removed the two cameras like we told the police officers we would do as long as the neighbor took theirs down. We feel security cameras are an asset and necessity to protect your family and property.

Veronica C.
Center Moriches School Board

Dear Editor;

After teaching in Center Moriches High School for the past 30 years, it seems a natural progression that I choose to run for the Center Moriches School Board. My goal is, and always has been, to advocate for children. Advocacy includes believing in the accountability of everyone involved… children, parents, teachers, administrators and the school board. As a community, I believe we are all responsible for embracing accountability in preparing our children to become productive members of society. I believe all children should be academically challenged to realize their individual potential.
It takes a willingness to listen to properly represent the Center Moriches community. I am willing to listen.
As an elected representative on the board of education, I will always put children first.
Together we can make a difference.

Janice (Diana) Graf
Center Moriches School Board Candidate

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