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Disturbing Situation

Dear Editor;

I have a story that needs to be known not just in my town of ShirleyIMG_6650 but through out Long Island. I am sure there are many families dealing with a situation similar to my case. Not just on Long Island but through out the country as well. As of today there is absolutely no legal solution to this problem which is why I am contacting you in hope that you will help me let this issue be known. Not just for my families protection but for others as well in our community.
Today my family and I found ourselves in a very disturbing situation. My neighbor put up two cameras (photo above) point at my property and into my house.
I immediately called the cops as well as Mastic Beach Village Public Safety. Both gave me the same answer that there is nothing I could do because there is no law against this. The police even said my back yard is public viewing and as long as this guys camera is not on my property he can film my backyard as long he wants. Or any part of my house.
I’m sure you can already see why this would be disturbing to my family. This man will be continually filming us from morning to night. He’ll know when we leave for work, he’ll watch the back yard party’s we have and really any other occasions. He will see who’s in my house being that the camera is pointing at my kitchen windows, shower windows and bed room windows.
This is a major problem. Something needs to be done and as of right now there’s no legal solution. The neighbor will not communicate with us. Like the cop said he has no reason why he has to take them down. In addition he has about a dozen other cameras filming the property line.
For a second please sit down and think to yourself how you would personally feel with a neighbor like this and your family being taped.
There has to be some kind of code put in place where these cameras cannot be put above a fence line. Or a law that makes these actions illegal. It’s very disturbing and can be unsafe.

Ben Rizzitello

News 12, Report on the Trump Rally was Not Balanced

Dear Editor;

I watched your report on the Trump rally in Patchogue on 4/14/16. It was very one sided. I attended and saw what was going on, on Montauk Highway. There were aprox 4 to 500 people at the intersection of Montauk Highway & Railroad Ave. All supporters of Mr. Trump. There also were about 30 to 40 protesters of Mr. Trump. But looking at your converge of the event you made it look like it was all protesters to Mr. Trump’s appearance in Patchouge. The coverage was one sided and unfair. Mr. Trump was welcomed to Patchouge and has many supporters here. It appears you were reporting to your own agenda and not reporting the news accurately to the general public. The point of your report was that it was insensitive for Mr. Trump to make an appearance in Patchouge because a illegal alien was killed their in a hate crime eight to ten years ago. Mr. Trump most likely has no knowledge of this incident. I live here and had forgotten about it, since it took place so long ago. If I remember right the killer was caught and is in prison. But illegal immigration is only one point of Mr. Trump’s platform. You neglected all the other points like job’s and the economy ect. This is a Presidential Election year. You have to report accurately, concisely, unbiased and with total honestly. It appeared that the piece you aired was propaganda. As a former public affairs officer for a national organization, I would like to know why this story was not reported factually? This is not the only time I have seen this in the News 12 reporting, I have seen this many times in other stories.

Anthony J. Frontino

Stop Hunting Black Bears

Dear Editor;

Regarding the Department of Environmental Conservation’s announcement that hunters killed a near-record number of New York’s black bears in 2015 (more than 1,700 animals), decimation of a quarter of the species is nothing to celebrate.
Black bears, including mothers, rarely attack when humans approach them and seek to avoid confrontation, so they pose little threat to us. And they play an important role in maintaining a healthy forest ecosystem.
These animals undoubtedly suffered while they were dying, and since black bear cubs stay with their mothers for about two years, it is nearly impossible that hunters did not kill mother bears, leaving their dependent young orphaned.
New York’s bear hunt is a cruel trophy hunt and is nothing to trumpet.

Michelle Kretzer

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