Ask Michelle – Your “Family Therapist” – IT’S SPRINGTIME & LOVE IS IN THE AIR!

retired-couplesmmmby MICHELLE CAVALERI, LCSW-R & Certified NYS Divorce Mediator

Now that Spring has finally sprung, the flowers are all in bloom, it’s that time of year when our emotions become more tapped into as well! Hopefully, you have weathered the “cabin fever” winter brings, and your love life is ready for its own coming out again!
So, I thought I would share some “to do’s” that are easy and fun ways to re-connect or stay-connected to our partners!
• An evening of slow dancing – “Hearing the music of your heart brings out the dancer in your partner”
• A romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant – “Go home for dessert”
• Cuddles and snuggles – “Putting a little more romance into an already- good relationship is like adding hot fudge to ice cream”
• Hand-holding – “Sometimes just holding hands is holding on to every thing”
• A smile across a crowded room – “Only you’ll know the secret behind it”
• One morning of sleeping in – “As long as you want”
• A weekend of no chores – “Alternate taking care of everything for each other”
• A day of guilt-free indulgence – “A sporting event of your choice, the spa, shopping”
• Unlimited displays of affection – “Souls kiss, find bliss, love this”
• One night of falling in love all over again – “Start the music, dime the lights, light some candles, whisper secrets, kiss softly and sway gently”
• A lunch date of your choice – “picnic in the park, corner table in your favorite restaurant, or meet me at home”
• One quiet evening at home – “Just the two of us”
• Stress relieving neck massage – “I’ll even warm my hands”
Have fun trying these easy, yet effective ways to keep the “love lights” burning all year long!
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